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Nikki has had music in her blood from a very early age, because of her father Ralph and brother Lance starting up a mobile roadshow back in the early 70’s called ‘The Roadhouse Blues’ which got its name from a Status Quo album. They were out every weekend doing weddings, parties and all types of […]

Around for many years, started off in jazz funk now known as Rare Groove, progressed through all the different dance scenes over the years and was in the for front of the Acid House movement back in 86 -87. Patrick London has produced a few tunes and owned his own record label and radio station […]

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Phil has had a deep passion for music from the age of 11. Being born into a theatrical family he spent many a day with his parents in theatres and rehearsal rooms exposed to ‘musical theater and cabaret’ and the great American song book. At the age of 12 he had already gained an extensive […]

Platinum G started loving music and messing about with mixing in his bedroom as a kid – back then it was Happy Hardcore that he played. As time went on he grew out of that and moved on to Dance and a bit of Drum and Bass mixed in but it’s when he discovered Breaks […]

Veteran Raver and DJ Raydius has been clubbing since 1989, buying vinyl since 1993 and DJing since 1996. Having had to change Moniker several times (Instigator, Phase, Stan Phase …) its no surprise if you don’t know who he is. Tune in and you will soon know there’s a genuine passion and underground knowledge for […]

Soulboy Mick has been into music since he was 14 years old, started collecting vinyl white labels and imports and  got his first taste of DJing helping his sisters boyfriend at the time which lead to him starting to spin tunes on the ones and twos. He has always loved the raregroove classics but has […]

Space Ear is from the old skool of DJ’s starting out in 1989 inspired by the original Warehouse and Rave scene. With a vinyl collection that goes from early house, Italian house and rave, through the jungle techno and DnB scene, before eventually settling back into house music. On ad hoc shows to fill in […]

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Tucked away in a small industrial estate in Windsor lies a hidden gem, a hive of cultural activity known to those in the know as Loading Bay Café. Hosting a diverse range of events from live electronic, acoustic and jazz nights, to community vinyl record fairs and organic DJ events such as ‘Vegan and Vinyl’, […]

Tony B thanks you for taking the time to read his profile! So you want to know something about him and his show on Release Radio? Well here goes… Tony started DJing at the age of 16 but had been collecting music well before that as he was getting into what his friends older brothers […]

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