Chris Lambert

Chris has had music in his blood from an early age, and when his love of house music got the better of him, he started mixing using 2 old record turntables and an old microphone mixer. His passion for playing was still strong by his 16th birthday and he was able to buy his first pair of 1210’s and a mixer. He spent every penny he earned on vinyl.

By ‘95 Chris had built up a huge collection of Hard House, House and Happy Hardcore when his taste in music started to move towards Trance. He began to play for radio stations, and club nights organised in Warehouses, Pubs and Clubs (Studio 412 and Bensons). This led to Chris having residency for 6 months at Bensons occasionally playing at Studio 412.
Chris wanted to promote his own night and organised an event “Matrix” at Electrowerkz. This was a resounding success, so another night was organised called “Conception” playing to 500 people, this was another benchmark in Chris’s life.

Chris has played many venues around the country playing in competitions and clubs. Chris was invited to do a set in T2 The Gallery at Turnmills, London playing alongside big international DJ’s – DJ Shield / Oxyd Records, Daniel Tigninio, Stuart Patterson, Nicky Holt, Rob Blake, Disciples of Sound and many more. Turnmills has since become a regular venue for Chris to play.
Today, his passion for music still remains strong and he enjoys playing whenever possible.

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