Chrissy Millard




Chrissy’s journey started in Spain at one of her favorite events ‘Vocal Booth Weekender’. Unbeknown to her she was entered into a DJ competition and won it! This was the start of great things and Chrissy was approached by Fresh Sweet and Sexy House Music promotions. They were a fantastic crew to be part of which comprised a team of DJs mainly playing across the Midlands and North of the UK.

Things went from strength to strength and she then teamed up with Anna Cee. The duo were known as ‘Elevation’ and they played the main beachfront bars in Brighton and absolutely smashed it every weekend to a loyal crowd.

Chrissy has played in many places around the world including Tobago, Cyprus, Ibiza and Spain but her latest and probably most notable DJ’ing achievement is having the honor of being resident DJ at both SHE and at Queens. In Chrissy’s own words ”I’m so blessed and honored that my journey has come this far and I’m really looking forward to all my future events”

The reaction to her DJ sets is something to be admired. Keep a keen eye on this lady to witness her passion and love of DJ’ing the best house tunes out there.

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