Clint Tee




Started DJing in the mid 80’s with some soul, funk, rare groove, 80’s hip-hop & electro music. Started to mix with these genres on the technic 1200 and recording it on a TDK -SA90 cassette tape and sent them out to clubs & bars around town, picking up work where he could get it, didn’t take long till Clint got a few residency in bars and clubs later.

In 1987 things changed as Chicago house & acid started appearing in the local record centre which changed everything straight away, like over night…Thats when he started to Dj in some clubs in & around London in the UK. Clint started to do pirate radios station like future fm, green apple, Pointblank, rinse fm & release fm etc.

Still playing his 80’s music but also playing soulful and deep house plus some good old classics grooves.

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