DJ Chris G


After a two-decade hiatus, the legendary DJ who once ruled the decks at the iconic 96 Degrees in South Africa is making a vibrant comeback to the electronic music scene. Celebrated in the late ‘90s for electrifying crowds with pulsating speed garage and intense house music, he’s now embracing the rhythmic allure of tech house.

Known for his impeccable ability to select tracks with irresistible basslines, he promises to captivate both new and veteran club-goers, merging nostalgia with fresh, innovative sounds. His performances are more than just music; they’re immersive experiences that echo in the memory long after the night ends.

As he re-enters the scene, expect a blend of the familiar and the revolutionary. With his refined taste and sharp ear for the pulse of electronic beats, this DJ is poised to redefine nightlife and reaffirm that the groove indeed never dies. Prepare to feel the bass and witness the resurgence of a true musical visionary.

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