Jeff Cunningham




I have always loved music, growing up in the 60’s my Dad use to hold dance nights, big man sound, my older brothers continued the tradition in the 70’s and then me in the 80’s with a group of creative guys known as The Incrowd, dropping rare groove, hip hop and early house (can you feel it?)

I was an original skateboarder, loved roller disco and was always a bit of a soul boy, at the age of 14 I used to skate to the over 25’s all-nighters in Slough in my leg warmers and with a curly perm
Now I have been dj-ing for over 35 years, currently playing Allsorts and that is why my show is called the Liquorice Hours.

Enough about me just a quick note about my family, My Mrs Caroline ,Daughter Chloe and my son who shall not be named!

Thanks for all your support

PS: If you already watch my show you know I love music and dancing

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