Jon Johnston



Jon Johnston, originally from Nottinghamshire, is a part time DJ producer and avid house music fan..

AKA JJ, he is a veteran of the London 90’s house scene and began DJing at underground parties and premier clubs such as Legends, Old Burlington Street, which in 1993 led to a residency at famous venue The Cross.

Jon also played regularly across London at Zebra Bar, Beluga, The Vox – Brixton, Club 9, Cafe de Paris, East Central, Pop, Profumo, Rouge, and various one offs and underground parties including occasional sets at the Ministry.

in 1994 Jon got into an electronic music production. He started buying up equipment such as synths and samplers and started doing his own rudimentary tracks in a home studio, and then in a full commercial studio ‘The Strongroom’. Working alongside some artists who are still big in the industry today. In 2002 Jon had tracks signed on the FY-Audio label and distributed internationally as 12 inch vinyl.

In 2012 after almost a decade in the musical wilderness, Jon made a return to DJing in Cologne, Germany which rekindled his interest and love for the music, and he began setting up his studio again.

In the 90’s Jon had played almost weekly alongside Release Radio regulars Mark James, Matt McCarthy, and Joey Borgia, which meant that when in April ’22 a slot became available on Release Radio, Jon jumped at the chance to get involved, and he has been on the weekly Monday lunchtime house show ever since.

Jon has two tracks signed on Cleveland City Records, and one to Whorehouse Records, with more projects in the pipeline for release in 2023.

Jon lives in rural Staffordshire, has three small kids and when he is not DJing or making music he works in the sports and fitness industry.

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