Mark Crowther

Mark became an avid music lover in the mid 80’s after being exposed to the electro and hiphop culture. This passion of music and the culture surrounding it led to Mark becoming a graffiti artist and kept him firmly imbedded within the growing UK hip hop scene, going to warehouse parties and ground breaking hip hop concerts through the late 80’s and early 90’s.

His love for hip hop led him to explore the breakbeat, funk and rare groove music scenes that rose at the same time in UK. With his vast vinyl record collection expanding into these realms, Mark started to DJ in the music venues of his hometown of Windsor during the early 90’s.

Throughout the 90’s Mark played music locally and his record collection kept growing and growing with his influences expanding into new jack swing, jazz, soul, breakbeat, disco, reggae and house.

He kept his toe firmly in hip hop, preferring the more laid back party vibes such a ATCQ and Jurassic 5.

He’s weekly Saturday shows will reflect his eclectic taste in chilled party vibes that will have a nostalgic 90’s feel to it. Music that get you dancing and jamming your way through your Saturday afternoons!

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