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Not Just House

With Matt Allgood

  The "Not Just House" Show A show that does want it says on the tin, love house music, listen to house music, collect house music and mix house music but - "Not Just House" Love to play Techno, Tech-house, Progressive, Trance, Driving , Acid – "Not Just House" Mixing it all up with Scratches, Breakbeats, Deep Hoover basslines, Full on 303 Squelches – "Not Just House" A show that […]

Matt fell in love with Hip-hop in the late 80’s and early 90’s and always loved the DJ scratching that accompanied many of the tracks which proved to be a big influence on both his musical taste and DJ style.

He started DJing on other people’s decks, collecting records and playing the house and hardcore of the time and wanting a set of 1210s more than anything in the world.

Finally in 94 got his first set of 1210s (which are still in regular use today) and started playing parties and then bars in Windsor, Maidenhead and Marlow. Matt ran a regular Friday Night in Marlow (Café del Marlow) playing House,Trance and Breakbeat alongside some good friends which ran for 3 Years.

During the January of 2000 he damaged his hearing and has since suffered from chronic Tinnitus, a condition that made it all but impossible to play out on large or club systems, having to wear earplugs to gigs and clubs his love of music never diminished and he continued to play out at smaller venues and outdoor events.

However it was at that point he started to learn how to scratch, purely from trial and error and listening to DJ Hype, DJ Yoda ,The Next Men, taking influence from Fatboyslims then fledgling Skint label which mixed the acid techno sounds with phat Hip-hop breaks Matt developed the Scratch style he is now known for.

Just as happy to play Jungle,Techno as House or Trance in addition to Hip-hop and Breaks Matt will happily scratch over it all adding his own twist to his sets.

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