Matt & Sarah


Matt’s love for dance music started in 1989 when the rave scene exploded. He progressed into house music and became a bedroom DJ in 1990, perfecting his art.
In 1994 Matt landed his first gig through Paul Webb, PW1 Promotions, and was given regular slots at the prestigious Velvet Underground, Zebra Bar, Venom, Viper Rooms, Legends and drakes club Chelsea FC.

He was then approached by 2 leading promotion companies ‘Maybe Baby’ and ‘Debbie Does Dallas’ who hosted various secret London Underground events alongside The Site in Piccadilly, Maximus in Leicester Square, Ministry of Sound, The Cross and Cloud 9 SE1 which held a huge promotion throughout all the DJ magazines and Time Out.

A very dear friend and X DJ partner Mr Mark James has opened a new door for Matt and asked him to join the Release Family. Now he’s back and ready to share his love and passion of good music with his Co-host Sarah Churchill.

Sarah has also been around the dance scene since the late 80’s and was fortunate enough to land a job working in the industry in the early 90’s. She worked for DMC’s independent record label Stress Records under label manager Nick Gordon Brown and Dave Seaman, helping and supporting promote the music and compilation albums and planning club tours to promote the label’s DJs. These included Anthony Pappa, Chris & James, Gordon Kaye and Chad Jackson as well as Dave Seaman.

In addition, Sarah also used to run events including a Nationwide Model Scouting Event called The Face Of…… and a night called The Syndicate at the Cross, Ministry Of Sound and Heaven with a few DJs including Paul Sawyer which was Club of The Month in DJ magazine.

Having worked in the industry I have always found Music my release and now I get the opportunity to spend 2 hours a week co-hosting this show with an incredible DJ ‘Matt McCarthy’. We bounce off each other with the music and enjoy reminiscing and pulling together great music – it’s my therapy.

Matt and Sarah are very grateful for the support and sponsorship from CPI Selection who are official sponsors and who Sarah also works for. 0207 122 3300.

Both Matt and Sarah feel very privileged to be a part of the Release family and are looking forward to their Wonky Wednesday afternoon sessions. As a duo they will bring great music, energy and banter all the way.….bring it on!

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