Edd Rimmer

Your mid week house fix!

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Wednesday 6:00 pm trending_flat 8:00 pm


At the age of 15 after getting hooked on house after tuning into a London pirate radio station playing only house, Edd knew he had found his roots and from that moment on, started to put together his own unique collection of tunes.

A few years later after going clubbing and getting a ‘feel’ for the music out and about, studying the crowd and the DJs, at the age of 20 he decided it was time to get practical, take the plunge and buy some decks. From this moment he has never looked back, putting the tune collection which he has gathered throughout the years to good use, recording mixes and listening to them again and again – House music is something Edd will never get bored or tired of – He remembers thinking when he first heard it, “house is my new home!”.

After being given the opportunity to play with another DJ on the same pirate station which got Edd into house, he gained experience with how this side of the music scene worked and loved every minute of it. And now aside from playing out where and when he can, Edd can be found spinning his selection on Release Radio where he is also the Technical Manager of the station.

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