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Krisis was lucky enough to be part of the early House scene and was regularly out in the clubs and raves around 1991 onwards. He started off listening to hardcore, but quickly discovered the power of House Music. Most of the club nights ended up back at a friend’s house for an after party and that meant trying to master playing on the Technics 1210's, but that was as far as trying to DJ went back then as he was unable to afford turntables. Krisis stayed in touch with the House scene and collected numerous CD's which he still has to this day.

Fast forward to around 2013/14 when Krisis started going to a few local old skool House nights, which re-ignited his desire to DJ. At the age of 40 and being able to afford turntables, he set about learning to DJ once again. His wife thought it was a midlife crisis (Krisis) hence the DJ name, but he is still going strong and has built up an impressive CV in the last five, nearly six years.

Krisis shows are always uplifting, playing old skool house but manages to find superb remixes and re-edits of those goose bump inducing House tunes.

Krisis injects the same enthusiasm into his sets when he plays for events. He takes that old skool vibe which he knows so well, and injects a modern twist into the set teasing the crowd with samples, and then hits them with the drop. He has such a passion for House Music, and this can be seen by the way he gets the dance floor rocking. People have commented on his ability to mix new with old, something he does so naturally, and seamlessly.

Krisis has played in Cambridge for a House night, had a residency at the ‘Bridge Bar’, East Grinstead. Played in Kavos for ‘House Legends’ alongside Colin Hudd, Nicky Holloway and Trevor Fung. ‘Standon Festival’, ‘Generations’ alongside John Kelly, ‘Let Go’ alongside Dom Physics, Balearic Sunset alongside Alex P and Sarah LP.

As well as playing for other events Krisis has arranged events under the names of ‘Klassix Night’s’ this included a boat party on the Thames, to a night a club in Croydon and Fulham. ‘One Night In Ibiza’ was a night he set up with a friend in his local area, having asked a question on social media about an old skool night. The response was great, so the deed was done and the event was created, and what a succession of nights it was.

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