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Mark James Ginnelly, DJ Mark James, has been DJing professionally since 1991, thrilling clubbers all over the world with his unpretentious form of house. Mark is from the old school of UK house DJs, hard-working, hedonistic and completely absorbed by the music and atmosphere of the club scene. He made his name during the early days working with Paul Webb, Stephen Dempsey of Vinyl Mania, Alan Warmen & Tommy Mad Mack of Black & White Productions with regular apprences at some of the best London venues at that time. The Gass Club, Cafe de Paris, Limelight, Bon Bonne, Stringfellows, Epping Forest Country Club to name a few.

Mark was also a part of the original Ibiza dance scene that took hold on the island in the early 90s when holding residencies for Black & White at Pacha, Amnesia, Privilege, Es Paradis, Summun and appearances at Space and has played alongside many well known dj’s including DJ Pippi, Alfredo, Claudio Cocoluto , Alex P, Brandon Block, Fat Tony, Ray Lock, Richie Malone, Tony Trax, Gary Williams, Frankie Fonncet, Pete Bones, Steve Lawler, Pete Gooding, Judge Jules, Smokin Jo, Tony De Vit, Jon Ulysses and many more.

This established Mark’s profile on the island which in turn launched his career throughout Europe as Ibiza was the hub of the house music scene it also helped forged some great relationships with promoters and DJs around the world.

Mark then became resident of Legends in London W1 on Saturday nights working alongside Paul Dennis & H.R.H Denzil and with regular appearances at Broadway Boulevard for H.R.H Denzil for Passion.

Mark was then offered another Saturday night residency for Billy O’Rielly and Jon Parnell at the new nightclub ‘The Cross’ alongside Seb Fontaine & Luke Neville and still squeezed in regular guest appearances for Bon Voyage, Club Klass

He remain devoted to Ibiza, playing there every summer but returned to the UK for his weekly residencies which now included Stringellows and Freedom at Bagley Film Studio’s for Mark Sansom.

The next chapter was to return to Ibiza for Alan Warmen & Steve Smith for Divine Productions at the nightclub Privilege for a Thursday night residencies at the world’s biggest nightclub and Saturday nights back in London at Camden Palace, Ministry Of Sound, Aquarium, SW1, Chunnel Club and continued to tour UK and beyond.
Mark was also work in one of London’s finest record stores Catch A Groove alongside Jon Jules

The next chapter saw the opening of a new nightclub in Windsor called Vanilla for Mark Sansom and was resident weekends with regular nights alongside Hedkandi’s Andy Norman, John Jones , David Dunne, Phil Faversham and other nights of Kinky Malinki, Formula, Love Puppy, The Hat Club.

He also went on tour with recording artist Robbie Williams for ‘The Close Encounters Tour’ at Milton Keynes Bowl alongside Basement Jaxx and has joined forces with fellow DJ Joelus who still now continue to play with a regular residency at Claytons in Marlow, but whether through his live DJ sets in clubs or online, Mark is still getting to know his audience, and has spent more than three decades getting his personality across. He was there just after it all started, he was at the forefront of the dance scene when it was at its best and he’s still here, still rocking it, years later – longer than some of the people on the dance floor have been on the planet! And the best thing is he still loves it, still loves the music and still loves to play it for people to dance to.

Yeah, for my entire career I’ve been finding good tunes that I want other people to hear. The reason I keep doing it is simple: it’s my mission in life to let people hear good music’ and that’s why I have joined the crew at Release Radio for a brand new weekly show called “The All Good House Show” from 9.00am to 12.00pm for yet another Chapter…..

The All Good House Show crew

Mark James

Mark James Ginnelly, DJ Mark James, has been DJing professionally since 1991, thrilling clubbers all over the world with his unpretentious form of house.

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