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Tucked away in a small industrial estate in Windsor lies a hidden gem, a hive of cultural activity known to those in the know as Loading Bay Café. Hosting a diverse range of events from live electronic, acoustic and jazz nights, to community vinyl record fairs and organic DJ events such as ‘Vegan and Vinyl’, Loading Bay Café is a venue that sits apart from other venues as, at its heart, it always has a backdrop of deep and eclectic music for the most informed music lover. Be it funk, jazz and rare groove or contemporary deep house, hip-hop and world music, the Loading Bay Café is THE place to be in Windsor for all things musically vibrant, alternative and inspirational.

Representing the Loading Bay Café on Release Radio we have three of its finest resident DJs who have been pivotal members in playing at the venue over the years:

• Steve Nash
• Steve Wilson
• Jimmy Jazz

Together they bring you ‘The Loading Bay Sunday Shuffle’, a collaborative weekly dose of audio treats for your listening pleasure. Always carefully selected and played on vinyl, their DJ sets on Release Radio aim to represent the vast array of musical talent regularly on show at the Loading Bay Café in Windsor.

First up there is none other than Steve Nash who has a long history as a vinyl junkie. He has been a record collector for over 30 years, previously owned a record shop in Slough called Elusive Vinyl and has been DJing in and around Berkshire as one of the most prominent DJs on the scene for many a year. The founder of The Berkshire Blag, he regularly DJs in and around Windsor and has an annual residency in Poland. Specialising in playing 7” records for his night, “Se7ens”, Steve Nash brings a heady mix of funk, soul, Balearic and house to ‘The Loading Bay Sunday Shuffle’, often with world exclusives from his record label, Aquamelon Records.

Next up we have Steve Wilson. Steve started DJing way back in the late 70’s in the clubs in and around Nottingham and Derby. More recently, he rediscovered his love of vinyl and is now an avid collector of funk, soul, jazz, Latin and broken beat, with a keen eye on the scene in London. Apart from representing the Loading Bay Café at its Record Fairs and Friday Night Sessions, Steve has also DJ’d at ‘The BBE’ store and ‘Down Stairs at The Vortex’ to discerning crowds who know their music. Steve brings an eclectic mix of styles to his sets on Release Radio for ‘The Loading Bay Sunday Shuffle’ and shares his love of all things funky with the listeners. His ‘Retro Bubble’ mixes will get your toes tapping, head nodding and will make your Shazam go into overdrive!

Last but not least, we have Jimmy Jazz. Growing up as a musician, playing in bands and musical collectives, Jimmy Jazz is an avid music lover of all things deep and unfathomable. Whilst at university, a friend introduced him to Gilles Peterson and he was instantly hooked from then on in, recording each and every Worldwide show on cassette and then scouring the record shops for everything and anything with that jazzy vibe. Learning to DJ on CDJs in Japan, when he lived out there for six years in the early 2000s, Jimmy Jazz played at some incredible bars, live houses and clubs in Tokyo and Chiba. He then returned to the U.K. in 2009 and made the transition over to vinyl, bucking the trend, where most were transitioning away from vinyl! Jimmy Jazz brings the fire to ‘The Loading Bay Sunday Shuffle’ with his encyclopedic mix of high-octane jazz, funk, hip-hop, deep house, Afrobeat, Brazilian and Latin…anything goes as long as it flows in the mix!

Make sure that you tune in to ‘The Loading Bay Sunday Shuffle’ from 2-4 p.m. every week. You know it makes total sense!

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